A Beginner’s Guide to the Seoul Subway System

Seoul is the biggest and, arguably, most famous city in all of Korea. It boasts a population of just over 10 million across over 600 kilometers. You don’t have to pretend like you know exactly what 600 kilometers looks like (I don’t), but just know that it is pretty big.

The size and density of the city of Seoul makes for an intimidating experience if you’re new to the area. But have no fear! The Seoul subway system is known to be one of the best in the world, up there with the likes of London and Tokyo. Daunting at first with its 20 lines, but the Seoul subway system is marvelous if you understand it.

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Guide to Korean: Crazy in Love Edition

South Korea is a country obsessed with the concept of love. This is a fact. You could ask any Korean and they’d be more than likely to tell you the same thing.

Because of this, from the Korean language has sprung an abundance of slang words that pertain to the concept of love and relationships. Since this aspect of the culture is so important, sometimes all consuming, it is important to be aware of the terms that are sure to make their appearance in conversations that pertain to this realm.

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5 Reasons Why, in Theory, Korean is Really Easy to Learn

At it’s base, the “in theory” part, the Korean language is actually very easy to pick up if you put some effort into it. Asian languages, or languages with symbolic alphabets, tend to get a really bad rep in the realm of language learning. Speakers that are accustomed to more of a romanized way of reading and writing often shy away when the lexicon utilizes symbols over what we consider letters.

But have no fear! I am here to put your mind at ease (somewhat).

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