Top 5 Korean Dramas for Beginners

Korea is famous for more than just its food. In more recent years, the Korean drama has become a popular pastime for those interested in the region.

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Guide to Korean: Dig In Edition

Everyone’s gotta eat, right?

Korea has so many delicious foods, with an abundance of restaurants in which you can order. In a lot of restaurants, you’ll find that menus are mostly or entirely in Korean. Similarly, in restaurants owned worked by older Koreans, you’ll have to rely on your Korean skills in order to get a meal.

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The Top 5 Korean Gateway Foods

Korean food is becoming famous worldwide and for a very good reason.

Known mostly for a spicy flavor and savory ingredients, the culinary style of Korean food is a stand out from its other East Asian counterparts. With an abundance of choices to choose from, deciding which Korean delicacies to try out can be a difficult choice to make. But have no fear, I am here to guide you in the right direction.

Here are some Korean dishes that you must taste if you’re into trying out the best of what South Korea has to offer in terms of cuisine.

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