My name is Madeline, but please call me Maddie. My love for South Korea began in high school. A friend of mine sent me the link to a Korean boy band’s music video (SHINee’s “Hello,” if you’re curious) and I was instantly transfixed. I entered a whirlpool consisting of androgynous boys singing and dancing that only pulled me down further the more YouTube videos I clicked on. This fateful night began me on a road towards the appreciation of Korean culture, which leads me up to today… confused, and a little lost, in Korea.

I started learning the Korean language in my first year of college, fueled by my newish-found interest in the culture and subsequent desire to visit. Now, I am currently studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea. Before coming here I thought that the two and a half, almost three, years of Korean language learning I had under my belt heading into the storm would be enough to sufficiently survive in Korea. Oh, how I was wrong. This blog is the journey of my struggles here and is for those who are also about to embark on or are currently going on a similar journey.

On this blog, you’ll find a few things that may help you if you’re also struggling with life in Korea, or if you want to prepare in advance so as to possibly avoid the mistakes that I have made. You’ll find general life tips as they concern life in Korea, with a focus on the niche aspects of the Korean language, that’s a huge part of living in this country. I want to help you learn the “real Korean,” as my resident Korean friend once called it. The kind of stuff that they don’t teach you in class, all for the sake of better cultural understanding, of course.

잘 하자~! Let’s do it!