Learning Korean

How to Study Korean

This site is perfect for all those who would like to study Korean, but specifically for native English speakers. The site was designed by a native English speaker who has taught Korean and has tailored the lessons to make sense for those of that background. Unlike most sites who provide a supplement for Korean learning, this site teaches you everything, offer courses from beginner to advanced for free.


Talk to me in KoreanĀ 

By far the most popular resource for learning Korean these days. Like How to Study Korean, this site offers complete courses from beginner to intermediate for free. However, this site also offers a wide variety of supplemental text at an affordable price for a dedicated learner. The site is well organized and graphically attractive, making for an enjoyable time learning the language.


Korean Youtubers


Simon and Martina from this popular Youtube channel used to be my gateway drug into Korea. They had segments where they would go around Korea, exploring what the country has to offer. These days they live in Japan, but you can still look at all their Korean videos in their archives.


World of Dave

World of Dave is about an American guy living in Korea. His focus is more on comedy videos, but he also usually puts up educational videos. His focus is on the language, posting videos about pronunciation and uncommon words.


Korean Englishman

This is one of my personal favorites. Korean Englishman is run by two, you guessed it, guys from England who travel to Korea and film videos about the country. The mission of the channel is to introduce others to modern day Korean culture. They do this by inviting individuals who have little to no experience with Korea to travel with them around the country.